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Screen shot of the Abraquest School Library Software book search function
Screen shot of the Abraquest book search function

History of Abraquest

The current AbraQuest school library solution was created in 2004/2005 by Maeve Denny, M.Phil.,B.A.,D.M.S.,A.L.A., a Consultant Chartered Librarian and Philip Johnson, Director of Spherical Software Limited.

This original system was an upgrade to the Abracadabra system which she had developed over the previous ten years so the concepts behind Abraquest are now effectively 20 years old, older than most if not all of the pupils that use it!

She met up with Philip Johnson in 2005 who produced the current version of Abraquest and shortly afterwards became her business partner. 

Philip is an experienced software developer, having started in 1983 and has worked constantly since then on dozens of projects. He has been in business since 1989 and has provided software and consultancy to many companies including many household names over the years.

In 2013, Maeve retired and left Philip to run the business and further develop Abraquest. Philip keeps in regular touch with Maeve, however she is firmly retired, apart from hopefully the odd blog post (if we are lucky!).

Philip prides himself on easy to use software and in continuing Maeve's excellent customer service. He is not a chartered librarian though, so he makes doubly sure he listens to what customers have to say!

Abraquest is installed in many primary and high schools throughout the UK.

We are continually maintaining and improving Abraquest, so rest assured it will always be supported and also will run on the latest versions of Windows. We are also putting as much as we possibly can into the software and also the annual software assurance without increasing the price, to make it as compelling for customers as possible.

Having spent the last few years talking to as many customers as possible, the next phase of Abraquest development is now under way. We hope to continue to have many exciting announcements to make which will be published on the Abraquest Blog in due course.

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Our Aims for Abraquest

  1. Abraquest aims to help you keep track of your books, make managing your library far easier and to encourage pupil reading.
  2. We aim to provide the best software features and service available at any price to achieve the above.
  3. We will always allow customers to switch on or off features which they may or may not want to use.
  4. If these features involve additional cost, they will always be optional on top of the annual Abraquest Software Assurance charges, so that customers never pay for anything they do not use.
  5. We don't employ a sales team which has to be paid for, instead we let the features and this website do the selling. If you don't see something you are looking for please ask.
  6. We will continue to develop and maintain Abraquest, and will never force Abraquest Software Assurance customers to upgrade to a new version at extra cost. New versions of Abraquest are free to customers who pay for the annual Abraquest Software Assurance. So you get total peace of mind and help when its needed.
  7. We will always give Abraquest Software Assurance customers a month free for every suggestion that is made that makes it into the software. In this way our customers help us to develop Abraquest to make it even better.

Who are Spherical Software Limited?

Abraquest was originally developed by Philip's other company, Johnson Software Design Limited, and was moved over to Spherical in 2013.

There are currently nine staff working across three companies in total and two offices, one in Burnley, Lancashire and the other in Chelmsford, Essex. All Abraquest customers deal solely with Spherical Software Limited and will continue to do so. Also rest assured on our pricing commitment to make Abraquest one of the best at any price - but also with the best prices as well.


 Business First Business Centre, Burnley
Business First Business Centre, Burnley.
Moulsham Mill, Chelmsford
Moulsham Mill, Chelmsford



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