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Aims of Abraquest

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Why did we produce Abraquest in the first place and what are its aims?

The aims of Abraquest are to:

  1. Help you keep track of your books
  2. Make managing your library far easier
  3. Encourage reading / help pupils

Help you Keep Track of Your Books

Abraquest catalogues each and every book in your school library and "issues" books to pupils who "return" the book on or before the specified return date. 

Abraquest can keep track of other things, such as CD's, Videos, even Kindles, provided you barcode them with the provided School Barcodes that have the name of your school on.

Abraquest "knows" where all your library books (and other items are) at any point.

Make Managing Your Library Far Easier

Abraquest has a record of all the books in your school library, and it can tell you which ones are overdue, who they are with, what is being read by what age groups, and what isn't.

We have plans for the cloud features of Abraquest to be also able to tell you anonymously what other schools and pupils are reading, what is popular, etc.

Abraquest has many reports that help you understand what boys and girls are borrowing, the top ten books in your library, and also what books are overdue and the sending of reminder letters to these pupils if required.

There are also many functions that help you easily maintain information about your school library books.

Abraquest uses the Dewey system to categorise books into Fiction and various Non Fiction subject categories. It also contains easy search functions to allow your or your pupils to find books of interest and reserve it if it is already out with another pupil.

Encourage Reading / Help Pupils

A better managed library, and pupil reading histories are just the start. As of November 2016, the release after the reporting release mentioned above will have more than one way of identifying pupils who use Abraquest. This will allow us to put in more friendly features in future that allow pupils to see for themselves what their friends and peers are reading.

There are also other products planned within this area. Watch this space!


We hope by browsing around our website you can see how we go about this. If you have any questions please contact us for further information.

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30 day trial versions of Abraquest now available. No need to re-enter data if you decide to buy. See for yourself with no obligation!

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