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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Abraquest - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions to add to this list? If so please contact us, we are always happy to help.

Abraquest installs on your local windows based PC in your library. Some schools have policies in place to stop software from being installed. If this is the case, or if you experience any problems with installation please contact your IT admin, or email for further advice.

It depends how many books you have. To set up, you need to stick a school barcode on the back or inside cover of each book, and scan both the ISBN and the school barcode into Abraquest as part of a process known as "Add Books". This can take quite a few days, even though we have made the process as easy as possible. Most customers go through this process with minimal help, although we offer half a day training and/or full installation service as an option should any customers require it.

Yes, Windows 10 is supported, as are all versions of Windows since Windows XP service pack 2. Although Abraquest works on Vista, Windows Vista gave us the most trouble sometimes asking unintelligble questions when trying to install, but wasn't that always the case with Vista?

No you don't, you can just buy an Abraquest licence and do nothing more for quite a few years (until perhaps the PC breaks and you need an update to work with Windows 15). However with all monthly payments, there is a benefit attached to each that we try to make as strong as possible. For example, Abraquest Software Assurance is supposed to be a lot cheaper overall if you plan to keep up to date with the latest version of Abraquest. Abraquest Automated Backup we hope you will see as a bargain in return for the peace of mind it provides.


Spherical is not a big company so we have very low overheads. Plus we strongly believe in having very experienced staff working as developers, which means a lot to the end software. Anyway, I'd rather Abraquest was lower cost so we can reach as many customers as possible. Thats not going to stop me continually putting features in, which are free to Abraquest Software Assurance customers and also bringing out new products for schools in the future. Spherical will always earn its revenue in terms of features per fair pound paid, we will never have inflated prices just because (we think) we can!

Abraquest prices are not going up in the short term. A web or cloud based product will be a little more expensive due to hosting charges, but will always remain an option because of that. Abraquest prices are perhaps 20-25% lower than they should be, but as we are working on market share they will not be rising anytime soon.

Abraquest is windows only at present. A web based version of Abraquest would support all types of devices that connect to the web. If this is something you would like, please contact us to ask for it!

Strictly speaking, no, although it is a good idea these days to do so. This is to allow Abraquest to obtain book information from the Abraquest cloud when initially entering books into the system, and also to allow optional services like Abraquest Automated Backup to backup your data to your private Abraquest cloud. As time passes, the need to connect should be more compelling. Speak with your IT!

Not at present. It runs locally on your library PC but has access to the Abraquest cloud, which allows many benefits. If enough customers ask for it, Abraquest could be web based in future, please see our Future Development Plans page and also our blog for further information.

It depends. Please send a zipped copy of your database to and we will answer the question for you. Strictly speaking your data is yours but your old supplier might throw a few obstacles in the way. Assuming its possible and you would like to go ahead, our prices are usually very reasonable, usually a lot cheaper than scanning in the information again into the new system!

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