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Getting Started / Next Steps

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Abraquest Videos

If you haven't already seen the Abraquest demonstration videos and have 30 minutes to spare, please have a look, its the quickest way to learn what Abraquest does.

Download a 30 day Trial

You can download a 30 day trial by registering in the schools area of this website. Don't worry its free and we won't bother you. If you decide to purchase please do so though, as its quicker and easier to enter books into a licenced version of Abraquest than it is the trial. This is the only difference between the trial and the current version of Abraquest.

Talk to an Abraquest Customer

You can talk to an Abraquest customer. Please contact us though for schools to contact because we try to share this duty out amongst all our customers who are happy to participate.

Talk to Us

Please feel free to contact us at any point. Its important you choose correctly because I am not aware of other suppliers offering a conversion service like we do, so once you have entered all your books, you are kind of tied... Unless you enter all your books again into another system. We don't employ salespeople, we will just explain what Abraquest does and doesn't do to try to help you make the best decision for your school. Like with our support services, there is no limit to the number of times you can contact us so please feel free.

How to Order Abraquest

You can choose the way that is most convenient for yourself. Decide if you would like on site installation and training (and other options) then usually one of:-

  1. Order from our online shop
  2. Request a written quotation which we usually send in PDF format via email.
  3. Send an email with a purchase order number (if your school requires it).

We do not require a deposit, we will just send an invoice on delivery, payable within 30 days.

Setting Abraquest Up from Scratch

The setup process consists of:-

  1. Setting up System Options such as how many books a pupil can borrow at once
  2. Entering years for your school
  3. Entering class names for your school
  4. Cataloguing your books
  5. Entering pupils, which is typically a spreadsheet import from another system although you can type these in as well.

To catalogue a book, you take a school barcode label, stick it on the book taking care not to cover up the ISBN, and scan bother the ISBN and the school barcode into Add Books. Abraquest typically gets all the book details from our online database. Occasionally you have to type in the details such as title, author and subject. You can optionally print out a coloured Dewey label from the system itself to put on the spine of the book, so that the book is identifiable by its Dewey classification from a distance. Wikipedia has more on the history on the Dewey Decimal Classification. You can estimate that one person cataloguing around 400 books in a day, possibly having somebody help them get the books while one sits at the computer.

If you already have a library System

If you have another system we can usually convert all your data from the old system for £300 + VAT and you can continue to use your scanner and barcodes.

After the conversion you just need to feed your current pupils in from SIMs or similar and you are up and running.

So you skip steps 2,3 and 4 from the above (because our conversion takes care of it all).

Once Abraquest is Operational

Once Abraquest is up and running, all you have to do is to Issue and Return books as and when necessary by selecting the pupil details and scanning the barcode on the book. Abraquest does the rest.

In addition to issue/returns, most users will run the overdue books list once a week, which can be printed or emailed to class tutors. There is also an option to print letters on school letterhead to chase parents for overdue books.

There are also other options such as book search, a book review feature and a comprehensive reports package to help you work out which books are the most popular, which are not being borrowed, and which pupils might need further help with their reading.

Also once a year, there is an automated Year End option that can be run to automatically move pupils up to the next school year, or assign them to the leavers list for future deletion.

For more detailed information on the Abraquest School Library software, please log into the Abraquest Customer Area - where you can download the latest Getting Started Guide, User Guide and 30 day Trial software. Don't worry if you are not a customer, there is no obligation, please feel free to register and use the resources there.

More Information

Would you like further information on Abraquest? We have some more information here online for you. Please feel free to contact us at any point.

Abraquest Demonstration Videos

Short of time? Learn the most about Abraquest in the shortest possible time. We have a number of demonstration videos on our Youtube channel.

Abraquest 30 Day Trial Software

Download the Abraquest 30 Day Trial software, which includes a demonstration database with thousands of records, showing you what your system will be capable of when its up and running (N.B. you need to register in the schools area to view this content).

Abraquest 30 Day Trial Getting Started Guide

This new guide takes you through step by step how to get through the demonstration database included with the 30 day trial. Alternatively you may like to watch the videos instead, or as well as. (N.B. you need to register in the schools area to view this content).

Abraquest Brochure (Jan 2017)

Abraquest Brochure summarising the features of Abraquest in PDF format for emailing / printing.

External web link -

Abraquest Documentation

Abraquest has full documentation including online help, a user guide and a getting started guide. All are available in the online schools area and the first two on the help menu in the top right hand corner of the Abraquest screen.

You should have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view Abraquest documentation in PDF format.

Get Adobe Reader

Download the 14 day Trial

Download the 14 day trial version. No need to re-enter data if you decide to buy. See for yourself with no obligation!

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