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Minimum System Requirements

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Abraquest runs on any Windows based PC that can run Microsoft Dot Net 4, as of mid 2018, this will beĀ  Dot Net 4.5.

The main point to remember is that your Windows account needs local adminstrator access to be able to install Abraquest. Abraquest also updates itself on a fairly regular basis, so the account should keep this level of access ideally. If you cannot meet these requirements please ask your IT support to contact us, we can always work something out but it may take an hour of their time to set up correctly.

Below is more information on minimum system requirements.

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. As long as the operating system can run Microsoft .NET framework 4 and upwards, Abraquest will work.
Works with Windows 10? Yes
RAM 1GB (2Gb recommended)
Hard drive space 125Mb for empty system, complete space dependant on number of books, typically less than 250Mb
Screen Resolution 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 or above preferred
CD or DVD drive Optional, software can be downloaded from internet
Mouse or Trackpad Optional, recommended
Scanner Optional, recommended
Backup Device One of USB Memory Stick, DVD, Shared Network Drive (as you prefer)
Works on Network? Yes, please remember each PC running Abraquest needs its own Abraquest licence (bulk discounts available)
Internet Connection Optional, but recommended in order to take advantage of optional features available under Abraquest Software Assurance
Admin Access? The windows user that uses Abraquest needs the ability to install programs or at least update the installation of Abraquest in c:\program files\spherical software\abraquest. This is because Abraquest will check for updates every few days and try to download and install these updates. Please consult your IT department / person if you are not sure about this. If you can't have it we can configure Abraquest to prompt you when updates are available so you can call IT to install the update.

If you have any further queries please contact us.

More information about Microsoft Dot Net 4 Minimum System Requirements.

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