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Abraquest Software Assurance

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Peace of Mind: Abraquest Software Assurance offers a cost effective and easy way to allow customers to receive support with a service level agreement along with all upcoming Abraquest software releases for free as well as all the help and advice you need to keep your school library running smoothly. Also includes discounts and other benefits. 

Abraquest Software Assurance costs £149.95 + VAT per year for existing customers offers a range of benefits, including:-

  1. Free access to all releases of Abraquest during the period the agreement is in force.
  2. Unlimited telephone help and advice with a service level agreement where we guarantee to respond to any questions you have within a given time-scale.
  3. 25% discount on all site visits for book input, disaster recovery and training - excluding travel expenses.
  4. 10% discount available on all Abraquest bar-codes and bar-code related products.
  5. Full access to Abraquest online facilities such as online book lookup. This is very useful when adding new books to the library because it saves you from having to type in all the details in most cases - you just scan the ISBN and Abraquest finds all the details for you from the internet.
  6. 500 free labels (24 per sheet, with library name on) or 1000 free smaller (48 per sheet) labels per year.
  7. Upload your school logo into Abraquest so that it appears on both pupil and teacher logins. Please note: this will revert back to the Abraquest logo if you don't continue with Abraquest software assurance.

New features are being added all the time at which point this page will be updated.

To purchase you can just email (with Purchase Order number if necessary for your school) or you can contact us to set up a monthly direct debit if you wish.

We pay Abraquest Software Assurance customers for enhancements!

Customers who make suggestions for additional features or improvements to Abraquest earn a free month Software Assurance and Automated Backup (if purchased). This is added to your account at the time the suggestion is accepted. There is no limit to the number of suggestions you can make!

Important Notes
  1. Subscribing to Abraquest Software Assurance is the cheapest way of keeping your software up to date.
  2. We have priced it so that hopefully call customers can afford it. Cost is £149.95 + VAT per year with discounts available for multiple libraries / years.
  3. The £149.95 is available for customers who continuously renew year on year. This is discounted from £249.95 + VAT.
  4. Abraquest Software Assurance is a quality service that gives you the customer everything we think you need to keep Abraquest running smoothly.
  5. We are adding features to all the time while keeping costs constant as far as possible (Features that cost extra will be optional so you only pay for what you use).
  6. Please note the service level agreement doesn't apply to suggestions for enhancements as these are provided separately to the support service.
  7. Its our decision re: enhancements, although we always have a workable solution for our customers.

You should have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view Abraquest documentation in PDF format.

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30 day trial versions of Abraquest now available. No need to re-enter data if you decide to buy. See for yourself with no obligation!

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