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Abraquest Prices

Abraquest for Single PC £499+VAT

Includes software licence, laser scanner and 1000 barcodes.

  •  Bronze
  • £149.95+VAT per year
  • Abraquest Software Assurance
  • Includes:-
  • Free software updates
  • Unlimited help and advice via telephone / email
  • 25% discount on all site visits
  • Free training via Zoom
  • Abraquest Online
  • Upload your school logo
  • Additional print options
  • Free barcodes with each renewal
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  •  Silver
  • £199.95+VAT per year
  • As per Bronze, but with Abraquest Automated Backup
  • Includes:-
  • Backup to your own private cloud.
  • Question when exiting.
  • Can automatically backup when exiting.
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  •  Gold
  • £249.95+VAT per year
  • As per Silver, but with additional features yet to be announced
  • Will include:-
  • Helping the school with the purchase of books
  • Helping pupils know what to read next
  • Available summer 2021.
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Common Questions

Do you require a deposit?

Not for schools, we just issue an invoice payable within 30 days (Please ensure you have raised a purchase order if your school needs one).

I would like gold but not the automated backup

Yes we can do this the price is the same as Silver, £199.95 + VAT p.a.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes you can, at a 10% premium so for example Bronze is (149.95 + 14.99) / 12 = £13.75 per month.

Do you offer discounts for multiple libraries?

Yes a 17.5% discount is available to multiple libraries/schools within the same trust.

Does the free month apply to all plans?

Yes, we give you a free month for each and every suggestion that makes it into the software (at our discretion obviously).

Do you offer discounts for multiple years?

Yes a 17.5% discount is available if you pay two years in advance.

I already have a library system, can you convert the data?

Yes, we do this for a fixed price of £300+VAT and will ensure that we can get at the data before invoicing obviously.

Will my existing barcodes and scanner work with Abraquest?

Yes! If Abraquest needs a minor software change to handle your scanner we will do it free of charge, but this is very rare. Abraquest without scanner or barcodes is £100 cheaper at £395 + VAT.

Do I need a PC to run Abraquest?

Yes you do at the moment, although 2021 will see the long awaited version of Abraquest that can be accessed from a web browser, available as an option.

How can I order?

Just send an email or fill out the contact form stating what you would like to order. Many thanks.

Abraquest Price List

Abraquest Single User Package

Abraquest Single User Licence with laser scanner and 1000 barcodes


Abraquest Single User Licence

Abraquest licence for 1 PC, for customers who already have a scanner and barcodes.


1000 Large Barcodes

1000 Large Book Barcodes, 24 per page, pre-printed with your school or library name


1000 Small Barcodes

1000 small barcodes, 48 per page, no school name


Laser Scanner

Big name quality laser scanner, factory reconditioned with 1 year warranty.


Spine Labels

Pre-printed spine labels, per 1000 (typically for non fiction)


Fiction Spine Labels

Circular pre-printed spine labels for fiction, with the first digit of the authors surname, per 1000


To order, please contact us with the details of your order. No deposit required for all UK schools.

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