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We are committed to offering the best value on the market by offering powerful easy to use features and importantly, splitting Abraquest into packages so that you only pay for features that you actually use.

New Abraquest System

  1. Abraquest software for a single PC with a quality Laser Barcode Scanner and 1000 labels: £495 + VAT.
  2. Abraquest for additional PC's if required: £25 + VAT per PC.
  3. Optional one day on site training: £200 + VAT.

Converting from another Library System

If you already have an existing system, we can convert all your data to Abraquest so you don't have to spend time adding books.

  1. Add £300 + VAT to the above prices for us to convert all your data from your old system.
  2. Subtract £100 + VAT from the above prices if you have an existing scanner and barcodes.

Annual Charges

  1. Abraquest Software Assurance: £149.95 + VAT.
  2. Abraquest Automated Backup: £49.95 + VAT.

We pledge to always to make any additional cost items optional where possible.

N.B. On site training is not available during the COVID outbreak. We are currently carrying out all training online for free.


Discounts are available from time to time, please see our Special Offers page for current offers.

How to Purchase

Just email us to confirm your purchase (please include a purchase order number/purchase order if your school requires it). No deposit required. We will issue an invoice payable within 30 days when we dispatch your order which usually can be the same day unless data conversion is required.

Questions? Please contact us, we are always happy to help.

Download the 14 day Trial

Download the 14 day trial version. No need to re-enter data if you decide to buy. See for yourself with no obligation!

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