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Reasons to Consider Abraquest

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There are many reasons to consider Abraquest. Here are some.


Catalogue your School Library

Use Abraquest's easy to use database features to catalogue your entire collection of books.

Keep Track of Books

Keep track of all books borrowed, who borrowed and when. Send reminders to overdue book holders.

Unattended Issue/Returns

Unattended Issue/Returns allows pupils to issue or return books when teacher is not in the room. It will be included with Abraquest as of release, but needs to be switched on in system config because not every school will use it. The alternative is for teacher to login and allow the pupils to use the issue/return functions that are available to teacher, a feature that has been in Abraquest since the beginning.


Monitor Pupil Reading

Monitor pupil reading progress and manage your library catalogue to ensure you meet your pupil reading targets and also to ensure you have books that are popular with pupils.

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Abraquest makes it easy to setup and maintain your computerised library catalogue.

Abraquest Online Cloud

Abraquest is cloud enabled, not cloud based. This means lots of useful features are available, such as online backups, book lookup (used when adding books), without the additional costs required of being cloud based. We will offer cloud based as an option in the future if customers request it. We believe the main reason to request cloud based is to be able to access the library system from the classroom which Abraquest doesn't currently offer.

Download the 14 day Trial

Download the 14 day trial version. No need to re-enter data if you decide to buy. See for yourself with no obligation!

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