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Abraquest Online Cloud

Abraquest Online Checkbox within Add Books Page

Abraquest is cloud enabled, not cloud based. This means lots of useful features are available, such as online backups, book lookup (used when adding books), without the additional costs required of being cloud based. We will offer cloud based as an option in the future if customers request it. We believe the main reason to request cloud based is to be able to access the library system from the classroom which Abraquest doesn't currently offer.

Being connected to the cloud allows you to access a vast amount of data that helps you with your management of the library. The first feature that was introduced with Abraquest 2.6.0 is the online book service, which saves lots of time when adding books by minimizing the amount of typing required.

We will be introducing a lot of new features in the coming months, free to all Abraquest Software Assurance customers.

Please keep an eye on the Abraquest Blog for the latest Abraquest news.

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