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Easy Setup and Maintenance

Abraquest Setup Wizard Opening Page

Abraquest makes it easy to setup and maintain your computerised library catalogue.

Abraquest makes it easy to setup and maintain your computerised library catalogue, Abraquest 2.6.0 onwards contains a new Setup Wizard that takes you through setting up step by step.

We have worked hard to make adding new books to your catalogue as easy as possible and can come out on site to help (for a fee), although most schools use library staff and children to help with the initial process.

It is easy to identify books that are not being read, or to remove damaged books from your catalogue.

You can carry out stock checks from time to time to ensure your records are up to date.

Adding books involves:

  1. Placing a school barcode label on the book (not over the ISBN barcode). 1000 labels are supplied with Abraquest with your school name on to get you started.
  2. Scanning both ISBN and the school barcode label into Abraquest.
  3. Adding an optional coloured spine label with protective cover for reference books.
  4. Optionally, making the books "LIVE" (if you have chosen to keep them offline until the add process is complete).

Our new online help system and user guide help you to do this, alternatively, we can help, possibly with the help of volunteer school children to keep the costs down.

Abraquest 2.6.0 and on has cloud based access to over 2.5 million books, which vastly speeds up the initial setup process.

And of course day to day activities are easy!

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