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Unattended Issue/Returns

Abraquest Unattended Issue/Returns

Unattended Issue/Returns allows pupils to issue or return books when teacher is not in the room. It will be included with Abraquest as of release, but needs to be switched on in system config because not every school will use it. The alternative is for teacher to login and allow the pupils to use the issue/return functions that are available to teacher a feature that has been in Abraquest since the beginning.

To use this feature, you give each pupil a barcode, which can either be an id tag, or printed out on a sheet to put next to the computer. The scans this barcode to login, and then has a number of functions available such as search, recommendations, make reservation, issue, return, renew books.

It is very quick and easy because the pupil is identified just the once. It can be set to log out if the mouse isn't clicked within a given time period, say 60 seconds, or this feature can be disabled if required.

The system is as configurable as possible because different schools will want to use different parts of it.

As always but especially with new features, we welcome any feedback you may have. We hope you will contact us and give us your views.


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