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Recent Developments

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Abraquest v3.0

We are working on Abraquest v3.0, which will be available sometime early July 2020.

This is probably the biggest release ever.

More information on our blog: 14 new features in Abraquest v3.0, and Abraquest v3.0 work in progress.

Covid-19 Library Book Quarantine

The latest release of Abraquest has the ability to quarantine library books that are returned using Abraquest. It will not allow the book to be issued again until after the quarantine period has elapsed. This period is user definable in system config as a number of hours.

Abraquest v3.0 will build on this and put in a lot more features such as the ability to manually quarantine and also query on books in quarantine. In Abraquest v3.0, quarantined books will be in a physical location.

More information: Abraquest Covid-19 Best Practices.

More Information

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