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Unattended Issue/Returns

Unattended Issue/Returns History showing Menu

Unattended Issue/Returns allows pupils to take or return books without teacher being in the room.

Initial feedback has been that the teacher in class Issue/Returns which has been in Abraquest since the beginning, has been smooth and trouble free even for schools on the waiting list for Unattended Issue/Returns. I think this is because with teacher in the room, there is much more chance of the book coming back getting back into the right place in the library.

If using Unattended Issue/Returns, you may like to consider a basket for returns so that school librarians and / or teachers can actually physically return the book to the shelf. This is something that is used at some schools already.

Due to Unattended Issue/Returns being able to identify the pupil more accurately, more features have been added and will be added in the future along the lines of self service.

Some features are in beta, such as the recommendations for you, which doesn't currently have an ignore option and is very much slower than it should be.

To use it, install the latest version of Abraquest and turn it on in system configuration.

When you open Abraquest, a login page appears which leads to the following menu (assuming you have enabled all the options available):

Unattended Issue/Returns showing My History

Unattended Issue/Returns Menu showing My History

By default the pupil has 60 seconds - if they don't click something within this time, they are logged out. This can be amended in System Configuration or turned off altogether if required.

The video below shows how and gives a quick demo of features:

Overview of Abraquest Unattended Issue/Returns

Any and all feedback is gratefully received, and any feedback taken on board will as always result in a month extra Abraquest Software Assurance and Abraquest Automated Backup being added to your contract for free.

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