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Do you have another School Library System? Why not upgrade to Abraquest?

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Do you have another School Library System? Why not upgrade to Abraquest? Our upgrades are competitively priced. This post explains whats involved and likely prices.

If you are using another system and are considering Abraquest, I'd like to think its because you find that we can give you the features you actually use and are responsive to any suggestions or questions you might have, and Abraquest fills your needs well without giving you lots of things you don't use. But the reality is also the question of price as well. We are reasonably priced because we are good at writing software (I've been doing it since 1983 and am still very much hands on writing code most weeks) and are efficient and make money to support Abraquest through numbers of customers.

One off Costs

Firstly, your existing barcodes and scanners will work with Abraquest. Check the number of digits in the number in your school barcodes. Abraquests default is 6, but can easily be changed. So you don't need the £495 + VAT option, go for the Single User Licence instead at £395 + VAT.

We can convert many competitors databases for a fixed price of £300 + VAT.

We offer a days on site installation and training for £200 + VAT, but this is optional, you should have everything on the website to do things yourself (although you will probably take a little more time to completely get it despite our best efforts).

An additional licence for an additional PC: £195 + VAT. If you are going for multiple PC's you need some server space in your network to put the Abraquest database. Additional options will be introduced later this year to offer cloud based databases, but this will add £75 + VAT to or so to your yearly costs and this cost will be mandatory if you want cloud based databases (the main reason for considering this is to have classroom based access to the library system for teachers classroom books).

Optional Yearly Costs

Your Abraquest licences are yours to keep for ever. Abraquest Software Assurance additionally gives you free updates for as long as you keep the software assurance in force, Access to the Abraquest Book Database in the Cloud, and discounts on barcodes and additional training days.

Yearly Costs are £149.95 + VAT for Abraquest Software Assurance, £49.95 + VAT for the Abraquest Automated Backup. If you purchase before the end of Feb, you will get 1 year Software Assurance free, and 3 months backup free, but will be offered your first renewal at £99.95 + VAT and £39.95 + VAT.

Surely you get what you pay for, right? Is Abraquest right for my library? 

If you are unsure about what features you get for your money, please have a look at - about half an hour with the playlist on YouTube will give you a good overview of what Abraquest does.

If you would then like to run through an example with lots of data there is a 30 day trial with demo database and 30 day trial getting started guide at You have to register in the schools area of the website to get to the trial but its free with no obligation.

Would you like to go ahead?

If you would like to go ahead, please contact us so we can arrange a backup copy of your database being uploaded to us just to check we can access the data and convert it. Then if you decide to go ahead, we will issue you the licence keys for the software, and need to arrange a timeslot for the conversion (this means your old system is read only for a few days). We then deliver the new database either electronically or in person depending on the options you have chosen. Your first job is to check the data. If any mistakes have been made in the conversion, then we will re-run it again free of charge, but be aware in the worst case it might mean your library being down for another day or two just while we get everything absolutely spot on for you.

Also please do contact us if you have any queries or if we can help in any way.

About the author

Philip Johnson has been a software developer for over 36 years and has been involved with Abraquest since 2004/2005. He is the director of Spherical Software Limited (, the company that owns Abraquest.

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