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Information on how Abraquest can help your school library become more efficient

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How Abraquest can Help Protect against Coronovirus

Abraquest can help protect against Coronovirus. Read on to find out more...

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Abraquest allows you to quarantine books

Abraquest allows you to quarantine books when they are returned.

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Abraquest Labels

Featured are a selection of the labels that can be used with Abraquest.

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Allowing Pupil Barcodes to be used within Abraquest

Abraquest Release allows Pupil Barcodes to be used within Teacher Issue/Returns, amongst other features added in this release.

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Overdue Books

One of the most important functions of Abraquest is keeping track of your school books. This post gives an overview of the different options available.

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Getting Started with Abraquest

The Abraquest documentation was previously rather wordy, although intended to be a step by step guide. Here is a link to the latest documentation on getting going with Abraquest.

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