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Demo Database now available for 30 day Trials

A demo database containing 200 pupils, thousands of books and transactions over a few years has been added to the Schools Area. This will allow 30 day trial users to view Abraquest in a real life situation rather than a test situation.

To use, login to the Schools Area and click the Software Downloads link.

You can download the 30 day trial database. The link contains instructions on what to do to install it, but it is very important you understand how to backup your existing database if you want to keep data that you have entered so far for later.

The database contains a lot of information from a school (although all pupil and teacher names have been changed so it is totally anonymous).

The Operational Reports Dashboard available when logged in as teacher1 on the reports menu looks like this:

Abraquest Borrowing History Dashboard Sample

History Dashboard from Demo Database

You should click different things to find out what kind of information is available to you (please note class breakdown doesn't work for historical data only for data recorded by yourself).

For example, if you click Female in the pie chart on the top right, it will refresh and show top 10 books and top 10 borrowers who are female. You can remove the filter by clicking the little cross in the top right hand corner of each chart and there is a print icon as well a little higher up than that on the top right of the page.

You can also exercise the book search on a library with many books. We will be producing a guide especially aimed at 30 day trial users so you can explore Abraquest with the minimum amount of time and effort on your part.

Watch the blog for details and as always, any feedback more than welcome.


About the author

Philip Johnson has been a software developer for over 36 years and has been involved with Abraquest since 2004/2005. He is the director of Spherical Software Limited (, the company that owns Abraquest.

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