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Problems with Windows 10 when more than One Windows User on Library PC

Some customers are having problems with having to re-enter the licence key in Windows 10 when Abraquest is started. This is caused by User Account Control. This post tells your IT staff what can be done about it.

If your library user has admin access to the PC, this problem is unlikely to occur. Its only on networks that have security set in a such a way that the library user has not got full administrator permissions.

Are you on Windows 10? If so User Account Control messes with a given folders permissions, and there are a number of things you could do to help prevent this. This problem occurs when more than one Windows user is using the library PC. Hopefully the first item of advice will resolve the problem.

1. Check permissions to everyone on the folder c:\programdata\spherical software - this should be full control to everyone. The equivalent for Windows XP (its only been reported once on XP), is c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\spherical software.

2. Considering turning off UAC on Windows 10 for the library user (as a temporary measure). 

3. Consider having one windows user only for the library system (again this could be temporary also if its against your IT policy).

4. Consider using run as admin for Abraquest although I am not a fan of this if you cannot also remove the message "This program is going to make changes to your PC are you sure?".

Some customers have found doing 1. is sufficient. We are trying to fully understand this problem so a complete cure can be found but for now the answer is one or more of the above.

Abraquest Release automatically does 1. above. There is also another small change under test at present that should fix the problem completely and will result in when complete. So very shortly this should be a thing of the past, I will refer people to this blog post however because these are the things that typically give problems with installations on certain networks so it is certainly something that should help IT staff if problems occur.

UPDATE: This wasn't User Account Control after all, just a tiny little bug in Abraquest that showed itself if you switched users and left Abraquest open, then ran another copy on the new user. The chances of this occuring are far reduced in and should be fixed entirely in a future release. Meanwhile if you must switch user please exit Abraquest.

I can confirm that Abraquest remains fully compatible with Windows 10 apart from the one small thing regarding switch users.

All comments welcomed as always via the usual channels.

About the author

Philip Johnson has been a software developer for over 36 years and has been involved with Abraquest since 2004/2005. He is the director of Spherical Software Limited (, the company that owns Abraquest.

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