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Announcing Abraquest Release

Abraquest now can talk! Abraquest version has been released today. It introduces a few bug fixes, talking stock takes which allows the use of a wireless barcode scanner and new options for the Outstanding Books list report.

Talking Stock Take

We recently received a request from a school that had purchased a wireless bar-code scanner. What they wanted to do was stock take a big library to ensure the books in Abraquest (converted from a competitors system) were in line with what was actually on the shelves.

The problem was that you have to press Add after scanning every bar-code.

For this version, the stock take has been totally changed, in three ways:

  1. Add has been removed, you just scan, or enter the bar-code number and press Return.
  2. All error messages appear as a red or green bar with the Abraquest smiley or crying face along with a message - you don't have to acknowledge - the message disappears after 10 seconds or quicker if you scan another barcode.
  3. If you have speakers Abraquest will speak the error message to you. We have started each message with the word "Success" or "Failure", so if you are a long way away from the PC you will hear it and consider if you need to come back to the PC or not.
Outstanding Books List

This report is available on the reports menu in the teacher login and has two new options:

  1. In addition to the grouping by class, which is to give to teachers, this report now has the ability to order by Fiction / Non Fiction, so you can go round the library with a paper copy of the report and check, the report being in a useful order to minimise your walking / looking for books in the library.
  2. An option to allow individual reports has been added, so for example, you can create individual PDF's or printouts for each class to give to the teacher.
Future Enhancements

We are interested in hearing about anything that takes time in your library. If we can help, we don't charge Abraquest Software Assurance customers, we usually give them a month free as a thank you for making a suggestion, if the suggestion makes it into the software. You can ask for anything you want!

We are looking at wireless scanners and will shortly have at least one to offer our customers.

We will extend the talking to include issue/returns if anybody asks for it. If you are the first, you will get the free month added to your Abraquest Software Assurance contract!

Check out our Future Developments page on this website to find out more information about what is up and coming for Abraquest. Many more updates will be coming soon as we process our backlog of ideas and feedback into an action plan for the coming months.





About the author

Philip Johnson has been a software developer for over 36 years and has been involved with Abraquest since 2004/2005. He is the director of Spherical Software Limited (, the company that owns Abraquest.

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