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Abraquest Release is now available

Abraquest Release is now generally available. It is available to Abraquest Software Assurance customers free of charge (as always) and contains a number of bug fixes and also some useful new features, including:-

  1. Borrower Import - will now allow the entire school to be imported from SIMS in September. This replaces the year end feature. You just import your pupils and Abraquest moves them into the appropriate class or tutor group, making pupils who aren't in the list leavers.
  2. There is now an option to lend books for the entire school term.
  3. All the smiley face green messages and crying face red messages will now speak if this option is enabled in base data.
  4. Abraquest now has the ability to work with school library service books.

Borrower Import - It really is as easy as just importing the entire school from Sims. Abraquest now works it all out. Year end is still there for customers who wish to use it or who don't have SIMS.

Lending books for the entire school term. To use this feature you go into system admin and turn it on, ensuring you enter your school term times as well.

Abraquest speech - again this can be enabled in the base data configuration options menu option in system admin.

For schools who would like to use school library service books, Abraquest can now handle these as long as the barcode length is different from the school barcodes used normally. For example, the first school to use this had 5 digit school barcodes, and 14 digit school library service barcodes.

We are working on a feature where the file provided from the school library service can be imported which saves you having to scan the books in when first received from the school library service. Please contact us for further information.

School library services - if reading this please contact us, we are happy to ensure your requirements are handled within Abraquest free of charge.

Please watch this space for more announcements in the near future. Due to pressure of work on other projects we now have quite a backlog of requests from Abraquest customers, all of which we hope to fulfil in the next couple of months.

About the author

Philip Johnson has been a software developer for over 36 years and has been involved with Abraquest since 2004/2005. He is the director of Spherical Software Limited (, the company that owns Abraquest.

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