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Abraquest Release is now available

Abraquest Release is now available. It contains minor bug fixes and a few new features.


New features include:-

Overdue books letters

You can now enter a days range - which makes sense if you have multiple letters. For example, letter 1 could be for days 1 - 10, then when over 10 days, letter 2 could be sent which would ask the parent for money to pay for the lost book.


This now highlights classes and pupils with overdue books. When clicking on a pupil, the pupil history also highlights any overdue books. Background colour is amber if late for 7 days or less, red otherwise.

Add books

If enabled in Base Data -> Configuration Options, an Add Subject button appears on add books, which allows subjects / missing dewey numbers to be added. Because you need knowledge of dewey numbers to do this, it has to be enabled in base data. If you don't have knowledge of dewey numbers, it is recommended to use 000.000 as the dewey if the subject cannot be found.

Not Backed up Warning

A warning has been added to Abraquest backup (for online customers) who have not backed up for a week or more.

Help Menu: New Option

If you are logged on as system admin, there is a new option that lets you view the last used Barcode number. This is useful when ordering new labels.


If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us in the usual way.

Next Abraquest Release

The next release is expected by the end of April. We are aiming to clear the backlog of requests by the end of May currently.

About the author

Philip Johnson has been a software developer for over 36 years and has been involved with Abraquest since 2004/2005. He is the director of Spherical Software Limited (, the company that owns Abraquest.

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