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Abraquest maintenance release is with us. All customers should download and install.


Having carried out a lot of work over the summary on new features and also readying Abraquest for the future, upgrading to .NET 4.6.2, and lots of internal changes, not much of the original Abraquest from ten years ago is now left.

A consequence of this though is that there are a few hopefully minor bugs that are being resolved. We are keeping going with the 2.9.5.x releases, one per week, until everything is 100%.

We urge all customers to install the latest release, and to inform us via our support email address if you experience any problems of any kind. These we will deal with promptly and include on our next weekly release.

Release notes as always are available in the schools area.

Problems with installing the release?

With upgrading to .NET 4.6.2 and also having to uninstall and re-enter the licence key, this is a big update that for some schools IT have had to get involved to carry out.

We had a blog post at the time explaining the steps required:

If anyone is experiencing any problems please read this / contact us / ask IT to contact us as appropriate.

If possible, we would prefer library users to have permission to install their own software, this way any problems can be dealt with within a few minutes rather than waiting days for IT to come in. It also means in normal circumstances Abraquest can install an updated with a few button presses again rather than calling IT.

Future Plans

Once the current software is stable again, we have the following plans for the run up to the end of 2019:

  • Abraquest v3.0, will introduce some useful new features for everyone.
  • Abraquest v3.1, will introduce more features, and also an  additional, optional, yearly cost to unlock some of these features. We will have three yearly options instead of the two currently available now. The cost is likely to be £50 + VAT per year, bringing the most expensive version of Abraquest to £250 + VAT per year.
  • New website. This is overdue, having had the existing one online since 2013.
  • New web based version of Abraquest. It has been essential that we have the 2.9.5.x version of Abraquest out before releasing this later this year because customers will use Abraquest alongside the web based version of Abraquest when required. We are looking for schools interested in being involved in trials of the new system later in the year, in return for a discount on the first years hosting charges.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact us via one of the usual channels.



About the author

Philip Johnson has been a software developer for over 36 years and has been involved with Abraquest since 2004/2005. He is the director of Spherical Software Limited (, the company that owns Abraquest.

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