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Abraquest News

Latest news from the team at Abraquest

At last, Abraquest version 3 is with us this week!

Abraquest 3.0 is coming! Free for Abraquest Software Assurance customers, £199.95 + VAT for Abraquest users not on Abraquest Software Assurance.

We have introduced the ability to print library wall maps as part of Abraquest 3.0. What do you think?

Abraquest allows you to quarantine books when they are returned.

Announcing a new page on this website, and new features for Abraquest to facilitate efficient library operations in a post COVID-19 world.

We have reduced the cost of Abraquest licences for additional PC's from £195 to £25 + VAT.

We have extended our special offers for another 6 weeks, aimed at schools who are considering Abraquest, irrespective of if they have an existing system or not. Read on for more information...

Coming soon in Abraquest v3: Customers who have Abraquest Software Assurance can print their own barcodes

We are continuing to work on Abraquest v3, which is the first of many exciting updates for Abraquest this year.

Special Offers: Would you like to Spring Clean your School Library?

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