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Make the Most of your School Library

Information gathered by Abraquest ensures you can quickly and efficiently make the most of your library space and budget.

  • Quick and easy library admin for volunteers and chartered librarians alike.
  • Know your most borrowed books.
  • Know your least borrowed books, or books that aren't borrowed at all.
  • Know the pupils who use the library the most, and those who use it the least.
  • Easily query book or pupil history.
  • Dashboards show library history.
  • Numerous reports to allow you to see book or pupil history (for example if you want to reward the pupils in each year/class every month for using the library the most).
  • Record book requests.
  • Limited book budget? Abraquest helps you work out what books to buy next.
  • Print your own book labels, including book spine labels and stickers for shelves and posters for your library wall.
  • Need to quarantine books against Coronovirus? Abraquest can do that too.

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